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Morgen, 1 Mei, is het de dag van de arbeid in Europa en zullen er weer op veel plaatsten in Europa actie worden gevoerd.

Filmmaakster en verslaggeefster, ‘Sarah Moreta’, heeft te kennen gegeven op haar facebook site ook in het Engels verslag te gaan doen over de GJ-acties in Frankrijk.

‘Adrien Lemay’ en ‘Juut Muijs’ zullen morgen zo rond 10 uur (of later) video livestreams geven van de 1 Mei acties vanuit Frankijk, Adrien vanuit Parijs en Juut vanuit Toulouse. ‘Jules Serre’ maakt videos met Engelse ondertiteling. Hij post de videos op de facebook site van Juut Muijs.

Als je bericht wilt krijgen, zodra de livestreams starten, wordt dan lid van hun facebook pagina’s en zorg ervoor dat je hun pagina’s volgt.

Sarah Moreta heeft over de actie van morgen de volgende aankondiging gemaakt:

“In 2018, May the 1st, was marked by the violence of the Black Block. One year and 24 acts of Yellow Vests later, this May the 1st, 2019, will be a test for the new devices of the law enforcement. 
Grégory Joron, CRS manager for the Unity-SGP-Police union, says about that: “From now on, we will be in touch with the protesters, these four and a half months of violent demonstrations forced us to evolve”. 
“We are acting now when the Block is forming itself. “

A new mode of action, along with brigades of anticriminality motorcycles will be deployed. 
“In Act 23, two weeks ago, nearly 152 wounded were counted, including a dozen of journalists” reports Marc, coordinator of a Street medics team. “The more you go, the more it looks like a war field. Violence calls for violence. “

This Sunday, a group of victims was created “Mutilated for the example” who asks for the ban of grenades GLI-F4 and LBD, now officially classified as “WAR WEAPON”.
This May the 1st promises to be high risked.

According to our information, nearly 50 companies of CRS or squadrons of mobile gendarmes will be mobilized, when only 20 were last year.

“This new intervention doctrine goes beyond the police matter, it is now a political choice” says Yvan Assioma.

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