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“ThankQ Christina Lee Dobbs for this photo from Twitter. Clear this beautiful man’s name. He gave so much light in a world of dark. The king of the pop. The thing with MJ runs deeper than just allegations. He was owning half of the music industry back then in 1993. He was too rich and powerful for a black man the elite couldn’t have that. He was supposed to play Peter Pan in Steven Spielberg’s movie. He was best friends with him. He caught onto [Pedo Spielberg] and had a falling out with him. Michael spent millions trying to get back at Spielberg. Him owning the rights to half of the beetles songs didn’t help him either, even though Yoko Ono had no problem with it. I know an awful lot about Hollyweird. I was Corey Feldman’s only and main male advocate for almost a year, as I’m a survivor of #CSA myself. I thought Corey was honest and needed another man in his corner who went through it, but he is not. Remember celebrities are no different really than we are. They are #MKUltra programmed. I was very close to Feldman, to the point Corey was starting to try to groom me. He wanted me to fly out LA to sign proof of documentation for him, proving he gets attacked for telling his and the late Corey Haim’s story. I didn’t go because it didn’t feel right. The only thing that separates us from the famous is your willingness to do whatever it takes to make it, and I mean whatever. I have said a million times that I cannot hate Corey. He was brutally abused and literally born into the cabal. His mom was a playboy bunny and his father was a musician. Corey has been acting since he was only three years old. What happened to the late Corey Haim happened to me when I was only 8yrs old. I speak out against CSA publicly now, because if not me than who!? Michael Jackson was not a pedophile. Steven Spielberg most likely is. Corey Feldman will never drop big names. He has also personally told me that Spielberg is not a pedo. Spielberg was one of Corey’s drug dealers. He will never rat on anyone, for that reason. Except for his own abusers, And he doesn’t want to end up dead. He has a wife and a son that love him. We know he can do it. He’s just never going to. I stopped talking to him for multiple reasons. But I can never hate him. He is the original whistleblower from 1993. He spoke up while the Santa Barbara police department was too busy scanning MJ for something that he didn’t do. We should have listened to Feldman 26 years ago. #WWG1WGA #TheGreatAwakening #DarkToLight #GoodVsEvil

The thing with MJ is so so much bigger than just child abuse accusations. He was black and was owning like 50% of the whole music industry, video games and all. They couldn’t let this happened. He was waaaayyy too rich and powerful for a black man. Owning Beatles songs made it even worse. He had to go…. Paul McCartney was not a big fan of MJ owning rights to songs stolen from The Beatles in the first place. I’ve read their friendship slackened a bit after that. But Yoko Ono said she was fine with it knowing „a good friend“ had the rights. MJ even returned some of the songs to the original owners. Forgot the names tho. Little Richard? Cant remember. Feldman does hold the keys to the truth.

And what about #leavingNeverland What about all the kids who where sick and were medically treated at the Neverland Ranch? No media or person will tell you about that, who want‘s to read or watch that? Nobody, so come up with lies and make it sellable. Y’all lie about everything. You either love Hollywood or you hate it. There’s no in between.”

Send evil to wherever it belongs.
<Felis demulcta mitis>

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