AP projects that Democrat Cortez Masto wins the Nevada Senate race

U.S. Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto, D-Nev., looks on during a meeting with supporters, Monday, Nov. 7, 2022, in Henderson, Nev. Masto faces Republican candidate Adam Laxalt in Senate elections Nov. 8. (AP Photo/Gregory Bull)

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UPDATED 8:23 PM PT – Saturday, November 12, 2022

The Associated Press has projected that Democrat Catherine Cortez Masto has won Nevada’s Senate race.

Trump endorsed Senate nominee Adam Laxalt’s (R-Nev.) race against incumbent Catherine Cortez Masto (D-Nev.) has been marked as one of most competitive to watch nationwide, with a pivotal seat up for grabs in Nevada. The two have been locked in a dead heat as the race was likely set to determine whether or not the Republicans flip the Senate red.

Laxalt is a former Naval Officer and Iraq war Veteran. He also served as the state’s 33rd Attorney General and is the grandson of late Nevada Governor and Senator Paul Laxalt.

In addition to garnering support from President Donald J. Trump, the Republican also received endorsements from Governor Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.), Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and former Democrat Representative Tulsi Gabbard.

“He’s a great guy, great talent, he’s going places,” Trump said.

The Republican’s campaign affirmed that he plans to focus on lowering inflation, fight to have secure elections and a secure border, restore law and order and he hoped to support Nevada’s hardworking families.

Cortez Masto is a former two-term state Attorney General and made history by being the first Latina elected to the Senate in 2016. She is a well-known advocate for seniors, women and children. The Democrat has continued in Congress by working to pass legislation to strengthen women’s health care.

Former President Barack Obama campaigned for Cortez Masto in Nevada weeks before the election in the lefts desperate hope to rally up support for what they viewed as the most vulnerable Democrat seat.

Election results came in slowly. Laxalt took an early lead and maintained it until Saturday. The Associated Press called the race on Saturday night. 98% of the votes had been counted. Cortez Masto won with 48.8% or 487,829 votes compared to Laxalt’s 48.1% or 481,273 votes.

Cortez Masto winning the seat means that the Democrats retain control of the Senate.

There is no automatic recount law in Nevada. However, the losing candidate is allowed to demand a recount after all the votes are tallied.

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