Conservative Journalist Assaulted At Beto O’Rourke Rally, Witnessing Officer Refuses To Take Report [VIDEO]

DALLAS, TX – Earlier in November, an independent journalist who attended a speaking event hosted by Democratic gubernatorial candidate Beto O’Rourke in Dallas was assaulted by multiple O’Rourke supporters after asking the gubernatorial candidate if he’d “disavow surgery for trans kids.” The attack was carried out in full view of O’Rourke and apparently a Dallas Police officer, which the latter refused to take a report from the victim on-scene over the apparent assault.

The incident occurred on the evening of November 3rd at Sue Ellen’s Bar, located off of Throckmorton Street in Dallas, which the venue in question is apparently marketed as “the oldest lesbian bar in Texas” and is predictably decked out in pro-LGBT décor and flags.

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Video captured the moments where journalist Tayler Hansen made his way up to the podium where O’Rourke was speaking, asking the Democratic candidate, “Will you disavow trans surgeries for kids?” Within seconds of asking O’Rourke the aforesaid question, multiple attendees began to grab and shove Hansen – eventually pulling him to the ground.

Following the attack, both nearby attendees and even O’Rourke seemed more concerned for a woman in a wheelchair who was bumped by Hansen’s body as he was manhandled by the violent group, leading to the Democratic candidate saying before the crowd, “Are you okay? Alright, she’s okay. She got knocked over by that asshole, but she got back up.”

As Hansen was being escorted out the back of the building where the assault took place, he attempted to file a report with the Dallas Police officer on site who apparently witnessed the attack, later identified Officer Megan Thomas.

Officer Thomas seemed to be completely indifferent to Hansen describing the attack that had just played out, with the officer even gaslighting the victim by telling him, “No, that’s not assault,” despite the evidence caught on camera clearly depicting an egregious group assault.

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However, the indifference displayed by Officer Thomas towards the victim may be rooted in her own biases regarding the question Hansen was asking O’Rourke prior to the attack.

It turns out that Officer Thomas is the Dallas Police Department’s “LGBTQ+ Liaison,” a role that she landed last June (during Pride month, of course), suggesting that she willingly turned a blind eye and asserted Hansen wasn’t assaulted due to her possibly seeing his earlier question aimed at O’Rourke as being an affront to her community.

Image Credit: Facebook

Needless to say, Hansen was taken aback by the assertion of Officer Thomas that he wasn’t unlawfully assaulted during O’Rourke’s campaign event, saying, “Apparently that isn’t assault – kinda know my laws, that’s assault right there – but we’ll be in touch…I wasn’t violent, you guys were.”

We at Red Voice Media reached out to Dallas Police for comment on the matter, which a spokesperson for the department stated he wasn’t personally familiar with the incident and asked for “an email” about the matter and said the department will respond with a statement at an unspecified time.

Following the attack, Hansen took to Twitter to provide additional insight to the incident, writing, “My mic was broken when I was slammed in the hallway while being dragged out by a Beto Supporter.”

Image Credit: Twitter

This latest attack at an O’Rourke rally marks the second instance within roughly a week’s time where a journalist asking O’Rourke’s stance on trans surgeries being performed on minors wound up falling victim to a group of violent far-left supporters of the candidate.

As we at Red Voice Media previously reported, 22-year-old journalist Alex Rosen was attacked at a San Antonio rally held by O’Rourke on October 27th after he directly asked the candidate, “Hey Beto, will you disavow trans surgeries for minors right now? Will you disavow it right now? Disavow trans surgeries for minors right now. Will you disavow it? Will you disavow it?”

Much like what played out in Dallas on November 3rd, the crowd of O’Rourke supporters became immediately hostile, shouting at Rosen and then eventually becoming physical with him as multiple people began shove and strike the journalist.

Needless to say, both of these incidents occurring at O’Rourke rallies are deeply troubling and unsettling given that both of these journalists were attacked for doing what journalists are supposed to do: asking prominent figures questions.

But this latest incident taking place in Dallas bears even more concerning elements aside from the violent crowds O’Rourke tends to draw, namely the Democratic candidate’s approval of the attack and the conduct of a sworn police officer on site.

When looking back to O’Rourke’s comments after Hansen was assaulted mere feet away from him, the Democratic candidate outwardly lied to the crowd when saying the woman in the wheelchair “got knocked over by that asshole.” In reality, Hansen’s body was literally being pushed and pulled by the violent crowd – where the manhandling of his body resulted in the wheelchair-bound woman getting bumped into.

But O’Rourke knew that because it happened right in front of him, suggesting that his revisionist recounting of the incident before the crowd was his proverbial wink and a nod that he likes seeing ostensibly conservative journalists (or conservative people in general) attacked by his supporters.

And then there’s the conduct of Officer Thomas, which presents a whole can of worms regarding ethical practices and demonstrating the integrity that comes with the uniform she dons.

It’s hard to ignore that Officer Thomas just happens to be the LGBTQ+ liaison for the Dallas Police Department, while clearly being among the community herself (based upon her social media posts), while also having worked an assignment at a notorious gay bar on the night of the incident and was indifferent to the victim of the assault after he was attacked in response to asking a question about trans surgeries being performed on minors.

When taking all of that information into account, Officer Thomas’ actions scream of letting her personal biases and affiliation with the LGBT community impact her ability to ethically fulfill her duties if she happens to be dealing with someone with more conservative values. This conclusion isn’t hard to reach after seeing how Officer Thomas pretended like Hansen wasn’t assaulted in front of her.

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