County Commissioner In Nevada Seemingly Admits To Being A ‘Minor Attracted Person’ [VIDEO]

CLARK COUNTY, NV – A video depicting Clark County Commissioner Tick Segerblom is rightfully raising some eyebrows among his critics, as the county commissioner seemingly nods in agreeance and audibly answers, “Yes,” when he’s asked if he is a “minor-attracted person,” which is a dressed-up term for those harboring pedophilic tendencies.

The pedophilic matter involving Segerblom comes mere weeks after the country commissioner faced criticism over his tacit endorsement of drag queen-laden events where children were the primary audience.

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On November 18th, the Clark County Commission held a special meeting where public comments aimed at the commissioners were hardly flattering, with concerned citizens – to include Libertarian candidate Mindy Robinson – voiced their general disgust with how the recent elections were conducted within the county.

Following the Clark County Commission special meeting, Commissioner Segerblom was making his way through the parking lot, where he found himself greeted by generally unhappy constituents who began questioning whether he embraced prurient interests in children.

In video captured during the interaction, one woman directly asked Commissioner Segerblom, “This guy is a minor attracted person, aren’t you?” In response, whilst looking directly at the woman who asked the aforementioned question, Commissioner Segerblom nodded in agreeance and stated, “Yes.”

Reasonably stunned, the woman said in response, “He just admitted he’s a pedophile!” Commissioner Segerblom seemed to play dumb once the word pedophile was introduced into the exchange, acting as though the entire matter pertained to his championing of drag queens hosting events for children, saying, “Drag queens are not pedophiles.”

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However, since the topic of drag queens was brought up during the parking lot exchange, angered locals began to also voice their criticism of Commissioner Segerblom’s endorsement of these drag queen events aimed at children, leading to the county commissioner becoming defensive over his stance on these arguably grooming-themed events with, “What’s your problem with the drag queens?”

It was back on October 15th when Clark County locals (and anyone else who happened to view Commissioner Segerblom’s Twitter post) learned of the county commissioner’s endorsement of drag queen events aimed at children. Commissioner Segerblom had uploaded a picture of himself to Twitter standing next to two young children and one adult drag queen, which the photo was reportedly taken at a “Family Pride Day” event held at the Clark County Library that featured a “Drag Queen Storytime” segment.

Drag Queen bingo winners!! Parkdale and Tsunami rock!

— Tick Segerblom (@tsegerblom) October 15, 2022

At the time of the event occurring, the matter had garnered a considerable amount of criticism due to the overall nature of drag queen culture largely being seen as something completely inappropriate for minors to be exposed to in such a direct and explicit fashion.

My Children’s Advocate, one of the groups protesting the event back in October, is among those who don’t take an issue with drag queens in general when their salacious displays are catering to an adult audience – but when kids get into the mix, it’s seen as a completely different issue.

One parent from My Children’s Advocate, Lorena, said of the event, “Drag queens, adult men dressed as strippers with theatrical makeup and attire, exhibit overt queer sexual behavior that confuses and disturbs the innocence of children. The problem is that the event is created for children, with the added insult to injury of it being taxpayer funded.”

But going back to Commissioner Segerblom’s apparent admission to being attracted to young children, it goes to show just how bold the degenerate sects of modern society have become in light of a force-fed progressive movement that has given generous leeway to groups of people who have been traditionally and should be, cast out of society like lepers.

In Robinson’s write-up in the D.C. Patriot regarding the unsettling admission by the county commissioner, she expressed both befuddlement and shock at Commissioner Segerblom, saying he’s a minor attracted person, writing, “No one knows why he would do that, especially considering when there’s no way he doesn’t know what it means when people have been calling him that ever since he got caught pushing drag queens onto public school children on tax payer’s dime.”

As mentioned earlier, there has been a slow and steady push in today’s social and political climate to excuse and even endorse pedophilia, such as the introduction of dressed-up acronyms like M.A.P. (minor attracted person) so as to encourage the abandonment of more concise terms like pedophile from the contemporary lexicon.

Back in November of 2021, we at Red Voice Media had reported on an Old Dominion University professor, Allyn Walker, who are among the population pushing the proverbial needle in an attempt to mainstream pedophilia. Walker’s argument to accept pedophiles for who they are stems from the ‘born this way’ mantra often peddled by members of the LGBT, asserting that there’s nothing inherently wrong with being attracted to young kids.

“Using a term that communicates who someone is attracted to doesn’t indicate anything about the morality of that attraction. From my perspective, there is no morality or immorality attached to attraction to anyone because no one can control who they’re attracted to at all.”

This is where the slippery slope conundrum comes into play, in that what starts out as framing the appetite for young children as something that isn’t immoral can quickly morph into arguments defending the acting upon of such a degenerate and harmful appetite.

And now, with public officials like Clark County Commissioner Segerblom seemingly admitting to being part of the M.A.P. (a.k.a., pedophile) community, it further demonstrates just how widespread this culture of embracing pedophilia has branched out.

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