Election Results: What Women Wanted and Where We Go From Here – All American Radio

Our head coach Jen sifts through the Election Results and finds that we definitely have a Women problem — Suburban (and even Suburban-driving women) did not roll out for Dr. Oz nor many of the other GOP candidates. That leaves us with, well,… Fetterman. She discusses how we get better from here.

She also talks with the star of the NEW documentary on January 6, “Shame of a Nation,” which airs Sunday night on Newsmax. It’s about how the left attempted to shame anyone who was even in D.C. that day. Military veteran Rarchar Tortorello was one of those #CancelCulture targets — but he refused to play victim. Just what we would expect of a military hero who rescued lives in the Khobar Tower bombings when he served in the Air Force. We don’t back down.

Jen honors her All-American hero of the week, Kellyanna Brooking, who protested mask mandates & Critical Race Theory at her school and found herself suspended. They talk about how to fight back if you’re made the victim of the #CancelCulture.

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