EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Man Physically Attacked At Beto Rally For Asking Candidate About Condemning Trans Surgeries On Minors [VIDEO]

SAN ANTONIO, TX – A 22-year-old online personality known primarily for his exploits in unmasking would-be child predators was recently assaulted by a group of Beto O’Rourke supporters at a rally held by the candidate after the victim had merely asked O’Rourke his stance on banning mutilative transgender surgeries from being performed on minors.

Alex Rosen seems to live up to his online Twitter handle “@iFightForKids” in a myriad of ways, with Rosen being most notably known for his online channel “Predator Poachers,” that focuses on him and his cohorts exposing would-be child predators via online decoy operations where assailants are caught communicating with and attempting to meet up with minors for lustful purposes.

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But earlier in October, Rosen opted to switch things up from his standard content and decided to make his way over to a local rally hosted by Texas Democratic gubernatorial candidate Beto O’Rourke – putting the candidate on the spot about what his stance is regarding mutilative surgeries being performed on minors.

The rally was reportedly held at the Mission Library in San Antonio at 3:30 p.m. on October 27th, with the San Antonio-based event promotion website Do2010 describing the rally as an opportunity to “Hear from Beto about how we are bringing people together around a popular, unifying vision for restoring reproductive freedom to the women of Texas, keeping our kids safe in their classrooms, creating great jobs, investing in world-class schools, expanding health care so more people can see a doctor, and lowering costs so families can afford to live in this state.”

Rosen moseyed on up to the small stage where O’Rourke was speaking from, asking the gubernatorial candidate, “Hey Beto, will you disavow trans surgeries for minors right now? Will you disavow it right now? Disavow trans surgeries for minors right now. Will you disavow it? Will you disavow it?”

Within moments of asking the aforementioned question, the crowd of O’Rourke supporters became hostile – shouting at Rosen and then eventually becoming physical with him as multiple people began shoving and hitting the citizen journalist. Shortly thereafter, as evidenced from video obtained during the incident, the group of O’Rourke supporters formed their bodies to create an impromptu human shield to bar Rosen from approaching the publicly held rally.

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According to O’Rourke’s official campaign website, while the Democratic candidate doesn’t explicitly address a stance on the likes of puberty blockers, hormone treatments, and mutilative surgeries being performed on minors – O’Rourke’s official campaign website certainly alludes to him being on board with minors being able to access these sorts of pharmacological and surgical interventions.

“Greg Abbott uses his power to demonize us, divide us, and pit us against each other for his own political benefit. He has spent his entire career attacking LGBTQ+ Texans, fighting marriage equality, and criminalizing the loving parents of transgender children for supporting their kids… We’ll use our power to pass this state’s first comprehensive nondiscrimination law, protect the fundamental rights and freedoms of all, and make sure LGBTQ+ Texans know that they’re not only welcome here but that they belong here.”

Again, while not directly addressing the topic of controversial pharmacological and surgical interventions being administered to minors, O’Rourke did go on the record this past February on Twitter, writing, “To every trans kid in Texas: You’re amazing. I’m proud of you. You belong right here in Texas, and I’ll fight for you to live freely as yourself and free from discrimination.”

Furthermore, O’Rourke was seen this past March donning a shirt that reads, “Don’t mess with trans kids,” which the gubernatorial candidate uploaded the picture to his official Twitter account. The shirt in question is reportedly part of a fundraising effort for a group by the same name that frames the practices of chemical and surgical castrations of minors as being beneficial for children who get swept up into the radical gender theory dogma.

Needless to say, O’Rourke seems to be on board with children being able to access puberty blockers, cross-hormone treatments, and potentially genital mutilation surgeries based upon his public stances and not-so-covert dog whistles he’s employed when asked about topics surrounding transgenderism.

In the interest of running a transparent campaign, O’Rourke may as well just say his stance outright rather than running from the question as he did on October 27th (and subsequently pretending as though his supporters were violently lashing out at the journalist).

We at Red Voice Media had an opportunity to speak with Rosen following the incident, where he confirmed that after the video cut out, he was “tackled later in the day” by those triggered over him putting O’Rourke on the spot.

When asked about his thoughts on O’Rourke turning a blind eye to his violent supporters and also effectively dodging the straightforward question about mutilative surgeries being performed on minors, Rosen stated, “Beto has flip-flopped for years about everything, and the fact that he can’t condemn this shows where his true intentions lie.”

Rosen also added that additional video surrounding the incident was captured, and he’ll be releasing the footage in the coming days.

As mentioned earlier, Rosen’s exploits in the realm of citizen journalism have heavily leaned on his work with “Predator Poachers,” which his team’s decoy operations led to some headlines in the spring of 2021 after a moderately famous YouTuber known as EDP445, Bryan Moreland, found himself caught in one of Rosen’s predator stings.

Moreland had been caught in the act of trying to meet up with whom he allegedly believed to be a 13-year-old girl, reportedly agreeing with Rosen about the validity of the accusations when being confronted on camera. After the video of Moreland was uploaded to YouTube last year, the big tech giant wound up banning Moreland from the platform and Rosen as well.

While the banning of Moreland seemed to be self-explanatory since he allegedly used various social media outlets to engage in illicit conversations with minors, the reasoning behind YouTube banning Rosen is unclear.

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