EXCLUSIVE: Pro-Abortion Group Poses Violent Threat To Feminist Demonstration Speaking Out Against Radical Trans Ideology

OLYMPIA, WA – A grassroots women’s rights group slated to hold a demonstration upon the Capitol steps in Olympia is already facing the threat of potential violence from the likes of a pro-abortion group and Antifa militants, namely because this women’s rights outfit is among the growing population of people speaking out against the radical trans ideology which disproportionately harms biological women.

We at Red Voice Media caught up with one of the women helping put this particular event up, where she shared her thoughts on the incoming threats and the sort of people who’d willingly harm real women for rejecting the radical trans agenda.

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The group Sovereign Women Speak is part of the increasing movement largely fed up with how far radical transgender ideology has permeated mainstream culture, which the aforementioned phenomenon has seen the likes of biological men being allowed in women’s prisons, sex-segregated restrooms and locker rooms being rendered pointless, and has steadily made a mockery of women and their unique experiences rendered exclusively via their biological sex.

When venturing the Sovereign Women Speak’s website, the group makes it crystal clear where they stand on the issue of transgender ideology.

“Sovereign Women Speak is grassroots, nonpartisan, and woman-centered. Woman = Adult Human Female. We hold events in WA State, hosting women from all over the US. Our mission is to build a resistance to stop this insane culture from erasing women, the word, and its biological meaning… We affirm that women and girls are oppressed based on our biological sex.”

As many already know, it has become strangely taboo over the past five or so years to firmly assert the realities of biological sex: that men are men and women are women.

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And, arguably, no group has come under more fire than biological women who align with feminist ideals that adhere and profess the abovementioned realities of biological sex – with said individuals often being labeled as TERFs (trans-exclusionary radical feminists) and framed as though their pro-biological women stance somehow threatens the lives of trans-identifying individuals.

Promoters of the radical trans ideology use such absurd premises like their’ lives are being threatened’ by feminists who acknowledge biological sex as a means to justify the employment of violent rhetoric and even the use of outright violence against biological women.

Needless to say, it was unsurprising to learn that Antifa-like groups are actively planning to show up to Sovereign Women Speak’s event slated for November 13th at Olympia’s Capitol building – with one of the groups seemingly planning violence against the pro-women’s movement being none other than a pro-abortion group in the city: Olympia for Abortion Access.

In an Instagram post from November 10th, Olympia for Abortion Access referred to Sovereign Women Speak as a group of “trans-exterminationists” while accusing the pro-women group of being “known to quickly escalate to violence” and urging the radical trans ideologues planning on attending “to conceal your identity.”

Image Credit: Twitter

Obviously, as the summer of 2020 had largely shown, the sorts of radicals who work to hide their faces when gathering for violent counter demonstrations do so to afford cover for potential violent criminal exploits.

We at Red Voice Media had an opportunity to speak with Candace Mercer, a 59-year-old local woman in Olympia who is one of the key organizers and acting press liaison of the Sovereign Women Speak event being held on November 13th to hear her thoughts about the potential threats coming from groups like Olympia for Abortion Access and those aligned ideologically with them.

Mercer is well-aware of the chatter taking place online regarding the upcoming event, saying, “They’re on Reddit, talking about bringing ‘pies’ as they did in Portland. We fully expect violence, we’re training for violence, we’re prepared for violence. We have backup, we’ve been in contact with Washington State Patrol and [Olympia Police Department].”

Despite the threat of violence from local radicals being a real possibility, Mercer says she and other demonstrators on her side are devoted to being non-violent but will defend themselves if the pro-trans militants become too aggressive.

“We are committed to non-violence; our goal is to reveal their violence. So women, men – anyone standing with us – we have stressed that we don’t even want self-defense responses unless it’s getting…like we’re starting to get beaten up or something.”

Mercer added that while her outfit is planning to do their best to remain non-reactive to the pro-trans ideologues, it doesn’t mean that Sovereign Women Speak is going to let these extremists get off scot-free if they cross the line, mentioning the presence of numerous streamers and videographers slated to attend the event which ensures there will be, “full documentation of assaults that occur, and we will press charges.”

The 59-year-old activist is no stranger to Antifa-like violence, referencing past events in Port Townsend and Tacoma where some of Mercer’s fellow women were injured by these kinds of extremists.

“A woman’s hand was broken in Tacoma…there were several minor injuries in Port Townsend. So, they are not above physically hurting us. Most of us are older women, disabled – myself, I’m disabled…We would like a peaceful event, we would like to be able to speak. But, if we are not allowed to speak, then our secondary goal is to reveal their violence.”

When asked if she was at all shocked that a pro-abortion group was planning to protest and bring violence against actual women, Mercer said she wasn’t surprised at all, noting that the transgender “cult” that has fomented in her city calls for the cult members to attack and vilify anyone who isn’t in lockstep with their radical ideology.

“I live in Olympia, and basically, most of the city is in the cult…They feel that they are on the righteous side of history. They have dehumanized us, like with the name ‘TERF’ and other slurs. They dehumanize us intentionally to justify violence against us. And this works on several issues, not just this, but just being anything [besides being] in the cult, you are immediately a ‘fascist’ and a ‘Nazi.’”

Over the years, Mercer has seen the adherents of this cultishly pro-trans dogma become more and more violent due to inaction from reasonable people, saying, “They’ve been emboldened because no one has stood up to them, and it’s incrementalism: the less you stand up to them, the more emboldened and entitled they become. And so the women, we are saying ‘no’ – we are saying ‘enough, no.’ And they don’t like to be told ‘no.’”

Mercer has also been personally targeted by Antifa herself in the past, where she shared insight into an incident from September of 2021 where Antifa militants came to protest her speech outside of Olympia’s City Hall, leading to one of the Antifa members shooting known Proud Boy Tusitala Toese after Antifa sparked violence at Mercer’s campaign rally.

“Last year, when I ran for Olympia City Council, [Antifa] put out a disinformation campaign of harassment against me. You know, phone calls, emails, all sorts of threats, posters around town with my information…And when I had a rally last September at City Hall, in front of OPD where I thought would be the safest place for me to have a rally, Antifa showed up to protest me. The Proud Boys, who I had no connection with, they found out and came in and white knighted to protect me. They chased Antifa down from the site, Antifa led them to the downtown transit center, where one of them fired off five shots and shot a Proud Boy…People were running in terror.”

Even with all the history of violence from groups like Antifa and those from the radical pro-trans movement, Mercer and her fellow women seem to be unshaken – and are intent on taking a stand against those trying to erase women. The undaunted attitude from Mercer in light of these radicals is certainly something to behold.

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