EXCLUSIVE: Roger Stone Explains ‘Deep Fake’ Profane Tirade Scandal & Exactly What Patriots Should Remember Ahead Of Midterms – Alicia Powe Show

In an exclusive interview with Alicia Powe, former Trump advisor Roger Stone warns Florida Governor Ron DeSantis doesn’t hold a candle next to former President Donald Trump, demonstrated weak leadership at the start of the Covid pandemic, and has no business running for president if Trump throws his hat in the 2024 race.

Stone is suing documentary filmmaker Christopher for $25 million in a defamation lawsuit for allegedly creating videos using deep fake technology that depicts Stone lashing out in profane tirades, calling for violence against Antifa and Jared Kusher, and calling for Trump’s impeachment in 2020.

Powe and Stone discuss the lawsuit, whether the J6 committee will try to incarcerate him with Steven Bannon, and more.

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