Iran’s IRGC says developed hypersonic missile

Iranian soldiers stand guard on a mound built to prevent drug trafficking in the southeastern town of Zabol on November 29, 2008. (ATTA KENARE/AFP via Getty Images)

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UPDATED 5:54 PM PT – Thursday, November 10, 2022

The Iranian Guards of the Islamic Revolution say that they have developed a hypersonic missile to ramp up national defenses.

Iran’s IRGC Aerospace Commander Amirali Hajizadeh claims the Islamic Republic has managed to build “hypersonic ballistic missiles which cannot be confronted by any missile defense system in the world.”

— Iran International English (@IranIntl_En) November 10, 2022

On Thursday, top IRGC General, Ami Ali Hajizadeh, said that the new missile can penetrate advanced air-defenses and it is capable of disabling air-defense systems. The General added that the hypersonic weapon travels at speeds over Mach-Five which is five-times the speed of sound.

This comes after Iran reportedly deepened security cooperation with Russia who unveiled a similar missile a few years prior.

The Iranian General said that its adversaries will not be able to intercept the new missile.

“This system is very fast and is capable of maneuvering both inside and beyond the atmosphere,” Hajizadeh said. “This means the Islamic Republic of Iran’s new missile can pass through both terrestrial air defense systems and the super-expensive extraterrestrial systems that could target missiles beyond the earth’s atmosphere.”

Last week, the Biden administration claimed that Iran would launch a military operation against Saudi Arabia “within 48-hours.” It has not yet happened.

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