Left-Wing Conspiracy Theorists Spread Claim That Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Likely Involved In Pelosi Attack

A shadowy far-left entity that uses social media to promulgate anti-Republican narratives and rile up the left-wing base, often through sensationalized content, is promoting a conspiracy theory online that suggests Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene is somehow connected to the attack carried out on Paul Pelosi earlier in October.

The entity dubbed Call To Activism isn’t entirely unique in its approach of drumming up anti-Republican sentiments through what some might call online activism, as the entity mirrors the approach Occupy Democrats have been employing for several years that consists of rage-posting on Twitter and sharing memes through Facebook and Instagram consisting of hyper-partisan content.

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But one of Call To Activism’s latest stunts in the effort to promote anti-Republican sentiments lives squarely in the realm of Blue Anon conspiracy theories, as the entity took to Twitter on October 28th to suggest that Republican Rep. Greene is potentially involved in the recent attack on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband.

“Yesterday, Marjorie Taylor Greene posted: ‘Just wait until tomorrow.’ Retweet if you think the FBI needs to investigate if MTG knew about the attack on Speak Pelosi and her husband.”

Image Credit: Twitter

The claim is obviously absurd and unfounded, at least when viewed by folks with an IQ above room temperature. Rep. Greene’s October 27th post that was maliciously framed by Call To Activism as some kind of a dog whistle signaling affiliation with the then yet-to-occur Pelosi attack was, in reality, referring to the impending Twitter takeover by Elon Musk that had been made official by October 28th.

Image Credit: Twitter

(screenshot of CNN report from Oct. 28th announcing completed Twitter deal)

But this fairly apparent context regarding the Georgia congresswoman’s tweets was either completely lost on Call To Activism or was outright ignored in the interest of furthering anti-Republican talking points and fomenting hostility against conservatives through the use of unfounded conspiracy theories.

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Chances are Call To Activism falls into the latter mindset, in that they knew they were peddling spuriously speculative bullshit about Rep. Greene and decided to run with it because it’s what their followers want to hear.

With the aforementioned in mind, it’s hardly surprising to see that a sizeable chunk of the followers/commenters responding to the Call To Activism post agreed to the characterization that Rep. Greene must somehow be connected to the Paul Pelosi attack.

The claims brought forth by Call To Activism really did a swell job in unearthing the gullible masses comprised within the far-left Democratic base, with some commenters demanding that investigators “need to get evidence from the hammer” to implicate Rep. Greene whilst others suggested police “check phone, email & social media for links between her and the assailant.”

Image Credit: Twitter

Image Credit: Twitter

Image Credit: Twitter

For the sake of concise context, this is a far-left entity promoting the idea that a Republican congresswoman from Georgia is somehow in league with a forty-something homeless drug addict based out of California – and followers of Call To Activism are actually believing there’s something to this baseless theory.

Then again, the followers of Call To Activism were also in the comments promoting the widely debunked conspiracy theory that Rep. Greene is the currently at large RNC/DNC pipe bomb suspect associated with the January 6 investigation.

Image Credit: Twitter

Image Credit: Twitter

Furthermore, when Call To Activism isn’t perpetuating radical conspiracy theories, they’re also pushing out easily provable falsities like the claim that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas had lunch with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis “one day before” the SCOTUS decision that overturned Roe v. Wade.

Image Credit: Facebook

Yet the bigger question is: Who is the person, or people, behind Call To Activism? Well, that is quite the mystery, as the outfit has gone to great lengths to cover any tracks or traces of the person or people behind this shadowy entity pushing conspiracy theories and falsehoods.

But this savvy investigative journalist was able to track down the brains behind this operation after doing a little bit of digging through social media and public records.

Venturing over to Call To Activism’s Facebook page, the history shows that it was initially created in January of 2017 (same timeframe as when the Twitter account was created). On January 13th, 2017, the outfit had initially been dubbed as “Call to Activism – Stand Up Against Trump” before opting to change it solely to “Call To Activism” four days later.

While the page and entity was clearly established as a kneejerk reaction to Trump taking office that same month in 2017, the information available from Facebook provides little else on determining who is running the show.

Image Credit: Facebook

Upon entering Call To Activism’s domain name into the WhoIs database, the returned results show that Call To Activism utilizes the Arizona-based domain registrant shield known as Domains By Proxy, which is a company that fronts as the domain registrant so as to conceal the identity of whoever actually owns the website/domain name.

When scrolling over to Call To Activism’s “Contact” portion of their webpage, visitors are greeted with a generic online contact submission form that is accompanied by a Gmail address ([email protected]) and paired alongside a physical mailing address for the entity.

Certainly, with a physical address affiliated with Call To Activism, such information would aid in getting an idea of who might be part of this entity – but again, that is also a dead end. As seen in the above screenshot, Call To Activism lists their physical address as “6900 Wisconsin Ave, Suite 200, Bethesda, Maryland,” which said address belongs to a company called Launch Workplaces – a company that specializes in offering people what’s known as a “virtual office address.”

And despite Call To Activism noting the copyright date on their website, the U.S. government’s Copyright Public Records Portal has zero results on such a copyright being registered (which, to be fair, registering a copyright is not mandatory in order to establish copyright).

However, after diving into a search through the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, a hit finally came back for this mysterious Call To Activism group, thus affording a name behind the farfetched claims and conspiracy theories: 38-year-old Joseph Gallina.

Image Credit: U.S. Trademark Office

Funnily enough, the trademark office denied Gallina’s petition to grant him a trademark for Call To Activism, citing that he failed to respond timely to requested information.

Gallina seems to be quite the fan of reposting Call To Activism memes on the public Facebook group Activist Democrats, as a cursory review of his activity within the group shows him exclusively reposting content from Call To Activism – although his personal Facebook page is devoid of public posts signaling his ownership of Call To Activism.

Joseph Gallina standing beside his wife in a picture from September 2022)

As for the use of the virtual office space in Bethesda, the choice seems to make sense since that is where Gallina apparently resides and is also a licensed attorney within the state of Maryland.

Prior to starting up Call To Activism in 2017, Gallina served as the CEO/chief counsel of a mobile phone video game development company called Gallcorp Enterprises (notice the portmanteau route of blending his last name “Gallina” with the word “corporation”). As far as one can tell, the video game development company went tits up in August of 2015, roughly a year after coming into existence.

What exactly compelled Gallina to make the move to running an Occupy Democrats clone on social media is anyone’s guess, but his old Gallcorp bio did note that he’d “served as a State Senate constituent liaison and a Correspondence Volunteer at the White House Office of Presidential Correspondence,” at some point in the past, signaling a vested interest in politics.

Nonetheless, at least there’s now a name and a face people can trace back to when confronted by the conspiracy theories and falsehoods promoted by Call To Activism.

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