Medical Kidnapping? Florida Parents Get Children Taken For Seeking Treatment For Potentially Fatal Disease

BOSTON, MA – In an age where parents’ rights are vastly diminishing, a Florida family has had their two children essentially medically kidnapped due to what appears to be a disagreement with doctors (and between doctors) on how to treat one of the child’s medical needs.

Michael Seklecki Sr. and Samantha Grabowski had been taking their five-year-old son, Mikey, to local doctors at Orlando Advent Health for treatment of what they described as “chronic, severe gastrointestinal complications.” The team of doctors there were unable to find a diagnosis for his issues, so Seklecki and Grabowski began taking him in November of 2021 to (BCH).

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Readers might recognize the Seklecki name, as Red Voice Media reported in February about American Airlines refusing to board the boy (who was four at the time) because he was unable to wear a mask. The boy was in danger of missing a medical appointment at the time and a judge had to step in to order the airline to grant a mask exemption for Mikey.

Grabowski told Red Voice Media that Mikey was placed under the care of Dr. Samuel Nurko, who diagnosed him with colon sigmoid dysmotility and referred him to genetics for more tests. At that time, according to Grabowski, Mikey was also diagnosed with “the rare and potentially fatal Fabry Disease,” which results from fat buildup in the body’s cells. Treatment for the disease is infusion of enzyme replacement therapy every two weeks for the remainder of Mikey’s life.

Even so, BCH declined to start immediate treatment, instead saying they wanted to wait six months to see if the condition improved. Thus, the family was sent back to Florida. The doctors there disagreed with waiting and started treatment immediately, including medication for the pain and Mikey’s pediatric surgeon putting a central line in for the infusions.

This past July, the family returned to BCH for follow up. At that appointment, they were notified that Mikey would be taken into custody by the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families. According to DCF, Seklecki and Grabowski were being accused of “child abuse, Munchausen by proxy and doctor shopping.”

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Further, DCF also recently took the couple’s younger son, Noah, into custody as well, saying that Noah was in danger of the same type of “abuse” should he remain with his parents.

Secklecki and Grabowski have only been able to see their children during the last four months for one hour per week. Each parent was appointed an attorney, and trial was scheduled for November 9 in Holyoke juvenile court. However, the family is being forced to wait because the judge had another case to oversee, so they’re waiting for a new court date.

Neither BCH nor DCF returned requests for comment by the time of this writing. Red Voice Media will bring updates when they’re available.

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