NATO Chief Stoltenberg: Don’t underestimate Russia

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg arrives at Downing Street to meet British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak on November 9, 2022 in London, England. (Photo by Dan Kitwood /Getty Images)

OAN Newsroom
UPDATED 11:57 AM PT – Tuesday, November 15, 2022

NATO Chief Jens Stoltenberg refuted media reports that questioned Russia’s ability to fight in a bigger and a longer conflict.

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine will be decided on the battlefield, said NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg

“Ukraine must decide what conditions are acceptable. Many wars have been decided at the negotiating table, but this is not the case.”

— ТРУХАEnglish (@TpyxaNews) November 14, 2022

“We should not make the mistake of underestimating Russia,” Stoltenberg said. “The Russian Armed Forces retain significant capabilities as well as a large number of troops.”

During talks with the Dutch Defense Minister on Monday, Stoltenberg claimed that NATO is fully supporting the Ukraine government in every possible way and yet Russia continues its military operation.

He added, that NATO may need more money and bipartisan support in the U.S. to continue supporting Kiev.

“That was also I think the message from the elections in the United States, the midterm elections that we have strong bipartisan support in United States for continue to provide support to Ukraine for as long as it takes, so the message is yes, we will support and we will also of course, constantly assess what types of weapons we are providing to Ukraine,” Stoltenberg said.

Russian defense officials say that they were able to minimize casualties by wiping out Ukraine’s infrastructure and NATO weapons with limited contact on the battlefield.

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