Pro-Abortion Movie “Call Jane” – Opening Weekend Sales So Bad, You Won’t Believe It

A movie that can best be described as a two-hour-long commercial promoting abortion has tanked at the box office since its late October release, not even crossing the quarter million dollar threshold on its opening weekend and has yet to surpass half a million in sales despite being in theaters now for ten days.

On October 28th, the movie “Call Jane” saw a wide theatrical release, being shown across 1,068 movie theaters – and the opening weekend numbers were laughably abysmal, with the film only landing $244,469.

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To demonstrate how hilarious this box office opening is, that $244,469 spread across 1,068 theaters over a three-day period comes out to about each theater selling roughly $76.30 in tickets per day for this movie, meaning that maybe nine or ten people showed up to each theater during the weekend to catch this movie.

Talk about a rough opening, and in light of the discourse surrounding abortion in the United States, this flop of a movie suggests that Democrats are leaning on a failing bet if they think the abortion topic is going to be the issue to help them during the midterms.

For those oblivious to what “Call Jane” is about, the film centers around the true story of a group operating under the moniker of “Janes” back in the late 1960s in Chicago, where they helped facilitate illegal abortions – with the film focusing on one woman’s journey in obtaining an abortion via this group’s help.

That’s it. That is the entire plot of the movie: a woman working with a group to facilitate an illegal abortion.

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The timing of the film’s wide theatrical release is hardly coincidental, coming mere months after the overturning of Roe v. Wade in the Supreme Court, and it wouldn’t be farfetched to assume that folks in Hollywood thought this was going to be a groundbreaking film that was going to rock in terms of ticket sales.

Boy, did that turn out not to be the case at all.

After seven days across 1,068 theaters, “Call Jane” pulled in a measly $429,454 – or just shy of about each theater pulling in an average of just under $55 a day from this movie. With how poorly the film performed in its first week, it was no surprise to see that by November 4th, the film was only showing in 436 movie theaters. As of November 6th, the film has grossed a total of $471,324. While it’s not clear what the budget for this film was, chances are it was a tad more than half a million dollars with names like Elizabeth Banks and Sigourney Weaver attached to the project.

For additional perspective on just how poorly this Hollywood-backed project toting its topically woke narrative crashed and burned in theaters, look no further than comparing “Call Jane” box office numbers to the ultra-low budget shock-horror/slasher film “Terrifier 2,” which garnered $1.2 million on its opening weekend while playing across 770 theaters (which, to date, the horror film has surpassed $10 million on a $250K budget).

You can’t make this up: an ultra-low budget film that conjured headlines such as “Horror film ‘Terrifier 2’ is causing viewers to puke, faint in theater” managed to smoke in theaters a Hollywood-backed project trying to push the abortion narrative.

The utter failure of “Call Jane” is too sweet not to relish in, and it’s another shining example that general audiences don’t want to be lectured by Hollywood on topical social or political issues. People are literally shelling out more cash in theaters in the off chance they might lose their lunch viewing a gorefest rather than watch some insufferable diatribe about ‘muh abortion,’ and I’m loving every second of it!

And the folks behind “Call Jane” really put in overtime to get people to see this movie, going so far as to partner with Planned Parenthood and Abortion Care Network to peddle why this film’s storyline demonstrates “the alarming reality” regarding the fate of abortion in the United States following the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade this past summer.

The team behind the film even arranged to have special screenings of “Call Jane” at literal Planned Parenthood clinics – and that garbage film still tanked.

Online pop culture news outlet Bounding Into Comics took a jab at the horrible box office performance of “Call Jane,” noting in their write-up of the movie, “It has not been a good year for ideologically-driven Hollywood garbage.”

Just when I thought nothing Hollywood was going to churn out this year would bomb as hard as the gay romantic comedy “Bros” did when it debuted in late-September, the movie “Call Jane” basically pulled a ‘hold my beer’ stunt and has turned into the picture-perfect example of get woke, go broke. Obviously, hardly anyone wants to pay money to see this kind of pro-abortion drivel, even with the full force of the marketing team behind “Call Jane” trying to turn the film into some kind of method of exercising a political statement.

Maybe Hollywood should focus on trying to make entertaining films instead of churning out woke flicks meant to lecture audiences.

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