The Left Suggests A ‘Pandemic Amnesty’ To Forgive Those Who Made People Suffer During COVID: They Can Get Bent

On October 31st, The Atlantic published an opinion editorial titled, “Let’s Declare A Pandemic Amnesty,” delivering the crux of the op-ed, author Emily Oster opined, “We need to forgive one another for what we did and said when we were in the dark about COVID.”

This has to be one of the most insulting, even if good-intentioned, suggestions ever brought forth in light of what people were subjected to by the government and fellow citizens during the peak of the pandemic and through the rollout of the COVID jabs.

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Furthermore, while not the same author in question, this is coming from the same news media outlet that labeled Alex Berenson “The Pandemic’s Wrongest Man” back in April of 2021.

The fact of the matter is the year 2020 wasn’t some period eons ago or even decades bygone – it was merely a couple of years back, and even more recently in some places, and many folks who were adversely impacted by the overreaching government tactics are still working to recover what was lost during the pandemic via various mandates.

Back in December of 2020, when we were on roughly month number ten of “flattening the curve,” we were still being inundated with various iterations of “stay home, save lives” and having those fearmongering slogans accompanied by mandates across the country that shuttered small businesses and filed American workers into categories of essential or non-essential.

Furthermore, those rendered instructions on how to cope at the time with the “new normal” were mostly coming from elected officials – whether they were mask mandates, stay-at-home orders, or small businesses being shut down (albeit big box stores like WalMart were apparently safe); but God forbid someone wanted to patronize their local watering hole or head out to their local park or beach.

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Remember the panic that was instilled from the onset? It all started with a little news article from Bloomberg back in February of 2020 about how Hong Kong was experiencing a shortage of toilet paper and then the fearmongering experiment moved forward. By March of 2020 in the United States, people began buying toilet paper as though they were stockpiling the Beanie Baby named “Tabasco” like it was 1997.

Now we can’t blame people who were initially duped in March of 2020 too much, as Tommy Lee Jones’ character in “Men in Black” famously stated in the 1997 movie, “A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals and you know it.” But it was the media and elected officials who helped bake in this very sense of panic among the general population.

In the months that followed, media outlets pumped up reports about COVID deaths incessantly whilst people were barred from seeing their loved one in hospitals – an aspect that felt like pure mockery when the masses were trivialized by doctors and nurses dancing inside of hospitals.

While we were told that ICUs were flooded, people were dropping like flies, doctors and nurses were overwhelmed, and that we needed to mask up wherever we went – these hospital employees were literally performing choreographed dance routines in front of some schmuck’s cell phone.

Sorry, myself and others aren’t exactly in a forgiving mood after that kind of mockery.

And then came the protests and riots that permeated throughout the summer of 2020.

All of the sudden, it seemed as though every politician and media outlet that pushed COVID tyranny forgot about the virus and decided to champion protesters and rioters for congregating in large crowds that, in various cities, turned into mass-criminal activity.

What made this pro-rioting BS all the more infuriating was that the mainstream media went on to tell the people that congregating by the thousands in close proximity – during those very riots – didn’t contribute to the spread of the virus. So, in July of 2020, going to church was somehow dangerous, but being unmasked and looting the local Foot Locker in the name of social justice was perfectly safe. Hell, three months later in October of 2020, Trump rallies were still being called “super spreader” events and labeled as “immoral and criminal” – but the BLM riots were perfectly safe from COVID.

Forgive me for not exactly being in a forgiving mood when reflecting on that nonsense.

Remember November of 2020 when California Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom was caught dining out mask-free with some buddies while defying his very own COVID protocols? Not only was Newsom entertaining well-known lobbyist Jason Kinney at a fancy French restaurant indoors, but he was also schmoozing it up at this private dinner with “two high-level members of the California Medical Association,” according to reports.

Yeah, again, not exactly handing out any of that pandemic amnesty for that affront.

Then when the jabs were rolling out amid the onset of 2021, things became increasingly chilling from the government and even the private sector, with the likes of attempting to institute COVID shot mandates for people to be able to patronize certain establishments or simply maintain their employment.

Many of people who abstained from the jab saw their livelihoods robbed, eliminated from engaging in a normal means of commerce in certain areas of the country, and treated like a leper by their fellow citizens who moved in lockstep with the COVID jab dogma.

But what was deeply unsettling was the glee that cropped up whenever someone who was unjabbed wound up passing away from COVID, with there being a literal website dedicated to celebrating the unvaccinated who died from the ailment. Even the L.A. Times published a piece in January of 2022 titled, “Mocking anti-vaxxers’ COVID deaths is ghoulish, yes — but may be necessary.”

Yeah, you can bet your rosy-red ass I and others aren’t going to forgive and forget that kind of nonsense: pandemic amnesty denied tenfold for that one.

Going back to Oster’s October 31st article in The Atlantic, she concluded the plea for mercy with, “The standard saying is that those who forget history are doomed to repeat it. But dwelling on the mistakes of history can lead to a repetitive doom loop as well. Let’s acknowledge that we made complicated choices in the face of deep uncertainty, and then try to work together to build back and move forward.”

No, I want some damn accountability – as I’m sure numerous others want it as well. A rapist doesn’t get to go before a court two years after their crime and say, “C’mon man, that was a couple years ago – let’s just move on,” and I and others are sure as hell not going to let these proverbial rapists get off scot-free either.

The victims of the pandemic fear campaign were locked up for hosting church services, fined and arrested for attempting to keep their small business open, many lost their life savings and investments due to businesses being shuttered, some lost jobs over jab mandates.

In turn, the architects behind this madness need to pay the piper – meaning the likes of fines, imprisonment, and rendering restitution to those they deprived. After that, then I (and likely many others) might be in the mood to forgive.

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