The Rise And Fall Of the Whigs: Is The Republican Party Next On The Chopping Block? 

In March of 1854, the Republican Party was formed to fight against the tyrannical populism of a president who was fighting to expand the inhumane practice of slavery across the United States.

When the Whig Party fizzled out, many of them, plus some Democrats, met in the upper Midwest to establish a new Party, largely with the intent to fight against slavery. This, despite the Southern States threatening to secede from the Union should a Republican be elected as President, which would likely see slavery abolished as a result. Many southern states, starting with South Carolina, followed through with that threat, which led to the beginning of the Civil War with Abraham Lincoln in the White House.

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Now, with the Republican Party in tatters more than 150 years later, the attacks hurled at the right are ironic at best, flat out lies at worst. Those on the far left of the political spectrum call Republicans racist and white supremacists, despite the fact that Republicans were historically the Party to get the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments passed in the United States Constitution, effectively ending slavery and treating people of all colors as equal in the eyes of the law.

Further, the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) was founded in the south following a Northern victory in the Civil War as a rebellion to the Republican Party. Policies during the Reconstruction era sought economic, social, and political equality for black citizens, and the KKK indeed wanted to reestablish white supremacy. They were partially successful in their endeavors, through the election of none other than Democrats to the legislature.

Today, the Republican Party continues to advocate for equality. Despite their insults, Democrats actually push a radically racist agenda while dressing it up as “equity” and pretending to want to elevate “people of color.” Of course, this isn’t true of many regular, every day citizens, who really do have good intentions for people off all color and creed. But the elites of the Democratic Party have historically had their own best interests at heart, which most can see when they’re ignored for all but two months before every election.

Democrats push for ease of immigration into the nation and then giving them almost immediate voting rights because it creates literally millions of votes for their cause. Then they create their dependency on social programs funded by taxpaying citizens, which is also true of other minority groups, to include single mothers. Then, as the hero figures for these groups, they are able to continue to control them.

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There are so many people frustrated on both sides of the political aisle over issues that affect all- the economy (inflation, gas prices, etc.), homeland security (open borders, soft on crime politicians, defund the police rhetoric), national security (Russia, Ukraine, China, Iran, etc.), safety of our children (the introduction of sexuality at the age of five in public schools, diminishing parental rights, etc.)- that surely we can all put aside the issues that can be easily compromised upon (gay marriage, government programs, taxes) in order to focus on the continuance of this great Republic.

With such poor leadership in both Parties, and many Republicans going against the conservative values that are historically espoused in their Party, one can’t help but wonder: is it time to regroup and start over to fight a new kind of tyranny and social movements?

As it is, there is already division being sowed within the Republican Party regarding Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, undoubtedly with the intention of breaking apart the conservative vote and allowing an easy win for Democrats.

The current administration is pushing a radical environmental agenda for regular citizens, while continuing their use of private jets to flutter around the world.

Under the current administration, women are marginalized in whatever way is convenient at the time. We are taught to “believe all women” who claim they’ve been sexually assaulted, but then when the President’s own daughter claims sexual abuse, it’s laughed off as propaganda. We are told there is no definition of a woman, despite years of feminists advocating for women’s rights, and that men can pee in women’s restrooms, men can be pregnant, and men can win women’s sports and beauty competitions. But then, as soon as abortion is on the table, suddenly we know what a woman is and we must keep our “policies out of her body.”

Members of the public, military, and lower level government agents are forced to receive a shot against their will, even after its proven as ineffective, yet Congress escaped the mandate. All because of science.

People from all political backgrounds are fed up of the hypocrisy, the division, the anti-family behavior of the federal government.

Are we ready for the next step in the evolution of the Whigs, focusing on true egalitarianism and an equipoise of power? One-party rule is not working. Even when we think it is, the next time the opposite party is in power, everything we think we accomplished is undone almost immediately under the authority of “executive order.”

It’s true that this nation is set up for a two-party system to prevail, but if enough Democrats and enough Republicans agree we don’t like where the country is heading (which shouldn’t be hard, since the most recent poll said that’s true for 72% of Americans), and can work together, perhaps a new party can rise enough in popularity to effect a positive change.

If we can take the best of what Democrat ideals have to offer, and add it to the best of what Republican values have to offer, we really can make an unstoppable political Party for the People that has the best interest of its citizens at its heart. No exchange of lobbyist money and/or favors for votes. No hypocrisy. No extremism. No division (well, there will always be some division, but not to the point of extreme hatred and rage that we’re at now).

Compromise. Free and fair elections. Transparency and accountability in government.

Is this really such a long shot?

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