The Wellness Company Announces Initiative to Help Veterans and First Responders

Via press release from The Wellness Company:

The Wellness Company, a market disruptor in the era of big pharma, has announced that it will launch its Warrior Wellness Initiative this Veterans Day. The Warrior Wellness Initiative is designed to address the key health needs of our nation’s Veterans and first responders – needs that have been ignored by our government and the healthcare establishment.

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The compounding stresses on our nation’s warrior class are some of the heaviest among our workforces. Often, those stresses lead to substance abuse, divorce, homelessness, and even suicide. We believe our warriors need greater balance in their lives. But to bring this balance, we must accept and acknowledge the reality of what we are up against.

Almost as many American troops commit suicide as are killed in action.
The rate of suicide among our nation’s police officers, particularly male officers, is on the rise. About twice as many commits suicide as are killed in the line of duty.
Police officers have substantially higher divorce rates than the national average.
Female divorce rates in the military are reported to be almost three times higher than that for males.
More than 2 million children have had at least one parent deployed with the military with almost 20,000 having a parent wounded in action, and over 4,000 losing a parent.
The number of children with active-duty parents who request mental health services has doubled to over 2 million.
33% of America’s homeless population are Veterans and almost 67,000 of them won’t have a place to sleep on any given night.

Our experts from TWC’s Chief Medical Board, including Dr. Jana Schmidt alongside Dr. Jen VanDeWater developed the Warrior Initiative Bundle to help our nation’s warriors and first responders find greater balance in the health domain of sleep, digestive, brain, and immune health.

When our Warrior Class patriots’ health falls out of balance, they become, as we all do, more susceptible to imbalance in other areas of their lives. Our holistic approach is designed to bring greater balance to your health so you can continue your service and better manage the stresses of life.

The Wellness Company Warrior Bundle Includes: Dr. Peter McCullough’s Mito Support Formula, Dr. Zelenko’s Z-DTox Formula, Dr. Schmidt’s Restful Sleep Formula, and Dr. Schmidt’s Digestive Enzyme Formula.

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